This is a set of 5 candles that includes;
1 6oz Through Love All is Possible Candle
1 6oz Light It Up Candle
1 6oz The Umbra Mortis Candle
1 6oz Starborn Candle
1 6oz I've Got You


5 dark & alluring fragranced candles inspired by House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City) by Sarah J. Maas


-Through Love All is Possible-
Inspired by the friendship that made us cry our eyes out in 2020, Through Love, All is Possible is both sweet and fierce, much like House of Earth and blood Protagonists Bryce Quinlan and Danika Fendyr.
Reminiscent of a warm summer evening, this scent is a blend of bergamot, orange, amber, coconut, vanilla & almond. Perfect for soothing your soul after you have finished Crescent City


-Light It Up-
A light, floral mix of Lilacs, Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Peach, Geranium, Amber & Patchouli perfect of Sarah J. Maas' newest badass heroine Bryce Quinlan


-The Umbra Mortis-
A fresh yet dark fragrance reminiscent of rainy nights. Cumin, Chilli Leaves, Juniper & Cedar blend together to create an intoxicating scent that crackles with as much energy as everybody's favourite fallen angel, Hunt Athalar.


Musk, Patchouli, Sage & Mahogany with hints of lime, pine, lavender & moss come together in a masculine & ethereal fragrance perfect for The Starborn Chosen One 


-I've Got You-
Rep your new OTP with a candle that channels the same chemistry as Hunt Athalar & Bryce Quinlan. 
Inspired by the scents found in a moon garden, this fragrance features night blooming cereus, Indian rose, apricot, vanilla, amber and musk


NOTES | This is an 6oz jar made with all-natural soy wax. Soy wax is eco-friendly and burns cleaner than other waxes. It is also easy to clean in cases of accidental spills or if you should wish to keep the jar! Each candle comes with a resealable lid.Please note that some frosting may occur. This is perfectly normal for soy candles and does not affect the scent or burn time. Frosting is merely an indicator of natural soy wax.Each candle is also made in small batches so there may be very minor variations in color or scent.

House of Earth & Blood Bundle